Friday, May 13, 2016

Success does not equal money

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Credit needs to be given where it's due.. A big shout out to the doctors and nursing staff at Sunninghill hospital for trying their utmost best to stabilise my grandmother. Last week she was transferred from Milpark to Sunninghill hospital. The nursing staff at Milpark were any patients worst nightmare. There was no empathy or compassion. At Sunninghill the service delivery is excellent. This morning my granny took a turn for the worst. She had severe internal bleeding from 2 ulcers. Of course through the bleeding she lost blood and was very weak. Her vitals were not good at all. The medical team had given up hope and said that she has a 50/50 chance of surviving due to cardiac and renal failure. Naturally we were all emotionally finished. However, with God's grace by this evening the bleeding stopped and her vitals have since improved after undergoing a gastrointestinal scope. There is a small glimmer of hope. Mom and I broke down when we seen my nanima laying in the bed with her frail body connected to so many pipes and machines. Whilst we couldn't hold back our tears, nanima kept on asking why are we crying? Thank you sister Sarah for coming into the room with tissues and for consoling us. A big thank you to sister Rosie for encouraging my nanima to fight her illness.As a medical professional myself we counsel patients everyday when they are diagnosed with terminal illnesses or when their loved ones have passed on. However when it's your own, it's a different ball game altogether.When I seen my nanima helpless this afternoon on the hospital bed so many thoughts went through my mind. Death is inevitable . Every soul shall taste death. We come into this world alone and we leave alone taking behind absolutely nothing at all. So why then do people hurt others.. why do we fight, argue and ridicule others. Why do we bulldoze others in the quest for wealth and materialism. For many out there success equals money. To me success does not equal money. Success equals special memories with my loved ones.. success equals spending time with my family and friends. Success equals going through different experiences in life . Success equals happiness and contentment within my heart. Success equals my closeness to my Lord. What I've learnt today is that we should not take life for granted. If you love someone tell them even if they don't love you.If you have a dream fulfill it. Try doing good every single day of your life. A good deed never ever goes unnoticed by your Lord.Live your life to the fullest for tomorrow might never be. I beseech all of you out there to please say a little prayer for my grand mom. Please try to read sura yaseen for her and remember her in your prayers.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Where exactly are we heading to?

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As I lay in bed I can't help but ponder over the plight that some of my patients are going through. I think some of their trials are an eye opener for many of us. It is a reality that makes you question society at large. Where exactly are we going to?
The drugs pandemic is a huge issue within our communities. It has destroyed and torn families apart. But guess what,the Nigerian drug lords are so damn brazen to deal in drugs openly on the streets. Many of our men in blue are in cahoots with these drug lords. Monies get exchanged on the street in full view of the public and life just continues. Tonight another child will try out drugs, tonight is the beginning of another human beings destruction...Most of us are of the opinion that the drug issue affects certain type of people or men in particular.Well allow me to burst your bubble. The drug issue is not about wealth, race, creed or status. It can affect anyone's home including the homes of prominent muslim families.I was heart broken to be informed about a Muslim couple who left their three kids aged between 3 and 8 locked up at home whilst they went out on a drug binge for an entire night. The poor 8 year old looked after the other 2 kids who were petrified to be left alone at home. The parents returned home the next morning absolutely disorientated. The social workers have now stepped in to provide assistance. The kids may be handed over to a foster family temporarily.
A few weeks ago a young Muslim woman came to the pharmacy looking very stressed and depressed. She was under the impression that her married life was perfect unlike one day she decided to visit her husband at work only to find him being intimate with a white girl who happened to be his colleague. Every time he left early for work or flew abroad she was told that it was due to work. In the mean time her hubby was having an affair.She then confronted her husband with regards to his dual life. Apparently he and his friends use to frequent a posh club in Sandton that supposedly serves halaal food. It is here that business deals were conducted and at the same time based on their status within the club he and his friends had the choice of spending the afternoon with any of the women on display. After having a good time with these women, her hubby simply returned home perfectly normal as though nothing happened..such is the happenings within the corporate world...
Then let's talk about bisexuality, lesbianism and homosexuality occurring within the Muslim community. Over the last few weeks I encountered two cases whereby a woman walked in on her hubby and his male friend whilst they were involved with sexual activities. In the other case a husband walked in on his wife who was intimate with a female friend of hers. In both instances the spouses went ballistic. They felt cheated and betrayed.
I can not forget the tears that flowed down a mothers cheeks a few days ago when she passed by the pharmacy for a bit of counselling. I guess all she wanted was a bit of comfort and reassurance that everything will be just fine.A month ago her only daughter got married. Naturally it was a happy occasion. However, when the bride and groom returned from their honeymoon the happiness turned into sadness.The groom decided to divorce his bride as she was supposedly inexperienced in the bedroom. It's pretty obvious then that the groom was probably involved in intimate relationships prior to marriage. This man has basically ruined a woman's life. I have come across Muslim men who have confessed to sleeping with prostitutes. Their wives know nothing of course.Are these men not afraid of contracting HIV. Do they not fear their Lord.
I have come across married Muslim women who are addicted to cocaine in addition to gambling. They spend all their time in a casino not bothered at all about the welfare of their kids.Why don't people value and respect the institute of marriage any longer. Why don't people respect other people's feelings and emotions any more. Why do people find enjoyment in hurting others.
Marriage nowadays is all about money, status, wealth, beauty,sexiness.In essence marriage should be about heart and character. It's about 2 people growing old together and learning from each other. It's about a deep emotional and spiritual bond between two people.
A family I am acquainted with are torn apart after a man stabbed his wife's brother to death. The man was abusing his wife and hence when she called her brother for assistance the poor man lost his life. A young Muslim girl lost her eye sight after being beaten up and punched in the face repeatedly by her husband. She will never lead a normal life ever again. A man shot his childhood friend out of jealousy. Whilst the one gentleman owned a company and was prospering in life both in terms of his career and personal life, the perpetrator was a drug addict who lost all of his belongings and assets in life.
Such is the status of our Muslim communities. The more we progressing in terms of technology the more we regressing in terms of character and values. Whilst striving to adopt a western way of life we have in essence lost our own cultural values and moral ethic.Life is changing all the time. Time and tide waits for no man as the saying goes. Yet the only constant in your life is God Almighty. If you have God as your best friend He will always guide you in life towards goodness. As I look outside my bedroom window staring at the velvet sky above, I ask God Almighty to ease the pain and suffering of my patients. To make their life journey easy for them. Guide everyone including my enemies towards goodness. Grant my family, friends and enemies good health and happiness. Protect us Lord from the evil temptations of this world. Grant us foresight and vision to see right from wrong. Make us the tools to guide others from darkness into light. Soften our hearts dear Lord and make us from among those who give assistance rather than receive..Ameen...

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Mr. India SA - Razeen Dada

He is the current Mr. India South Africa. Not only has he studied for 8 years to be a Chartered Accountant, but he is also very passionate about modelling and acting. He has featured in an Outsurance advert in 2015 and as a male model in the Cape Town Mens Wear Fashion week in 2016. Recently he featured in the Asiana bridal magazine as a male model and has been chosen for the 2016 edition as well. He will be starring in his first leading role in the first proudly South African Bollywood love story filming in October this year. He is none other than the dynamic Razeen Dada. This is one humble, down to earth individual who certainly has a zest for life and firmly believes in the motto of living your life to the fullest. Read on to find out more in his own words.

Nationality: Proudly South African
Pet Peeve: Poor customer service.
Drink you would order at Starbucks: Flat White Cappuccino
Favourite cologne: I wear different Cologne’s for different occasions. I am enjoying the latest Hugo Boss Oud at the moment, it’s quite Spicy!

1. Firstly Razeen, thank you so much for taking time out to be interviewed by me on such short notice. Tell me a little more about your family background and life from childhood until present?

Thank you Sumayya for interviewing me, you have a very interesting and intriguing blog. I was born and raised in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal. My parents are both from farm towns and moved to Durban before I was born. Growing up on the southern tip of Africa gives a person so much depth when working in a big city like Johannesburg, London, Dubai or Singapore. I went to Cape Town to study at the University of Cape Town and thereafter went on to complete my Accounting articles in Johannesburg and London. Growing up in Durban is charming and rich with culture, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

2. Did you always wish to be a part of the glitz and glamour of the modelling and acting industry from a young age? Was your family supportive of you in terms of your career choices?

Yes, since I was about 10 years old I was mesmerized by the film industry. My family has always been supportive over my career choices. My parent’s highlighted the importance of a solid educational foundation and the pursuit of following one’s passion & purpose in life. Hence the Chartered Accountant and Actor in me.

3. Why did you enter the Mr. India South Africa competition? After winning the competition, what are some of the events that you need to be involved in? Has the competition allowed you to grow as an individual?

I am a goal driven person. My dream is to proudly represent South Africa on a world-wide level through my passions as an Actor, Entrepreneur and an Investment specialist. The competition allows me to be a leader and an ambassador to our local communities and the entire country. Furthermore, I would like to play my part in making Durban one of the greatest cities in the world. There are no specific events that I need to be involved in, it is very much a self-driven title with an incredible support team that makes a difference. I have most certainly grown as an individual since I entered as a finalist in the competition. I learnt many things from the competition. I have enhanced my knowledge on the qualities of being a learner, a team player, a leader and a gentleman. Being Mr India South Africa is an opportunity and a platform to grow myself and others as young businessmen, and to promote the Indian Arts and Culture to all South Africans and other countries.
We were given the honour and opportunity to learn from prominent leaders in South Africa such as his Excellency - Mr R Ragunathan the Consul General of INDIA who gave us a Talk on Business and the business relationship between the two countries, Dumile Cele, CEO of the Durban Chamber of Commerce and Industry also spoke to us on the understanding of economics on business and the way forward. We also heard from Ashok Sewnarain, the founder of International Bank Vaults, on successful business principles and how to make and manage money.

4.I'm sure you must be having many female fans. How do you cope with the attention you receive from female admirers? Are you single or in a relationship?

It takes me aback sometimes but I think I’ve learnt to handle it well. I am currently single with not much time for a relationship, at this stage it is vital to be more career driven.

5.What has been your most memorable experience in your life thus far?

There have been many memorable experiences but one of the most memorable experiences was the exuberant memory of winning the Mr India South Africa Competition. I was so elated and excited I could hardly breathe. Ever since then and leaving Corporate, my life has changed significantly. This
experience has been a catalyst to do what I love.

6. If you could be granted one wish and have any skill or talent in the world, what would it be?

I would wish for a world with great leadership that acts in the best interests of its people. If I could have one skill, as unrealistic as this may be, I would most like the ability to teleport, so I could avoid the long travel times and do more with the time I have.

7. What are your favourite websites?,,,

8. Myth or fact - A good looking individual has a better advantage of achieving success in life.

Myth, good looks can fade over time, however hard & smart work combined with potential, luck and opportunity, can achieve great success in life. However, being blessed with good looks does make the journey a bit easier.

9. Define success. What does success mean to you?

I believe success is not actually measured by power, titles or qualifications. For me, success is when you are able to achieve your goals and dreams while doing what is right even when the world compromises with the wrong. Success is being able to have known the way, gone the way and then shown the way.

10. I read somewhere that you are a fitness fanatic. How many times a week do you train. Can you define yourself as being a metrosexual man who loves pampering himself with regular spa visits and facials?

I train at least 5 to 6 times a week to be in great shape both mentally and physically. I do really enjoy taking care of myself, it helps me to relax after a hectic working week.

11. As a model, are you brand conscious or can you wear any clothing as long as it looks good on you?

I would wear a brand for the quality and fit the clothing represents. I appreciate brands however an item that looks good does not necessarily need to be a branded item.

12. Give me your opinion on plastic surgery or aesthetic medicine?

I believe in beauty in the world and appreciate things the way nature intended. Natural beauty is Gorgeous however I respect the use of Plastic surgery when required.

13. Where do you see yourself five years from now? What are your plans for the future?

My plan is to become a global actor starting with Bollywood. I plan to be the Best Mr India South Africa I can be during my reign by fully using my title to further my ambitions as a young man. I see myself as a successful model, actor, investor and leader who empowers both myself and others, especially the underprivileged. I would like to be recognized by my home city of Durban for playing my part in making it one of the Greatest cities in the world. I see myself as a role model who hopes to inspire people all across the world from my characters as an actor in inspirational, romantic and charming movies.

14. What advice do you have for young aspiring models and actors out there?

Be perseverant. Don’t take no for an answer and follow your dreams. Remember it’s about both your skill and the people you know. A key part of your success will be your hunger to succeed and how hard you work to get there. Believe in yourself and align your daily tasks to your long term goals.

Once again, thank you Razeen for taking the time to answer these questions. Desert Moon
wishes you all the best in your future endeavours and beyond.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

I Am a Muslim. Period.


Over the past few days I have met some really amazing human beings who are absolutely selfless, doing fantastic work within their communities without actually receiving any recognition for it. I met a Scottish couple at Milpark hospital and they told me that they came to South Africa when they were around 19 years old. They came to this country because they were huge Ernie Els fans. They fostered a child and last year she got married. It was supposedly the happiest day of their life. This couple is very much involved with the church. They co-ordinate Bible study classes for orphaned kids and assist in terms of taking kids off the streets and placing them into schools. Everyday they feed 250 orphaned HIV positive kids in an informal settlement near their place of residence when they return from school. The funding is acquired from their immediate family members residing in Scotland. Despite the fact that the wife suffers from scleroderma, a rare autoimmune rheumatic disease, she is adamant that life is about living and giving. She says that even if you have sickness, you need to be positive. In her own words, " There is plenty of time to sleep when we go six feet deep. If each one of us helped at least 2 people, it will cause a ripple effect and eventually everyone will be able to lead a better life."
Yesterday I met another remarkable woman who is also involved with a church charity organization. Every week, they hand out goody bags to the poor in the community. In January, she was on a charity drive and whilst walking the streets of Randburg, she came across 2 boys who were huddled together in a street corner. She went up to them and started chatting to them. She told me that she had an instant connection with them. After chatting to them for a while, she realized that they were heroin addicts residing in a cardboard box structure on the streets. She went home that night and was unable to sleep. She kept on thinking that whilst she is enjoying the comfort of a bed, the young boys she met were sleeping on the streets. The next morning she jumped into her car in search of the boys. She took them home with her. Over the next few days, she took them for a full medical check up. She is now in the process of trying to get them off their heroin addiction. The problem she has is finances. Rehabilitation centres are costly and she does not have the funds to assist both the boys. If there is anyone out there who knows of a good rehabilitation centre at a minimal fee kindly inbox me. As a matter of interest I am wondering, do any of the government hospitals have a free rehabilitation centre?
I love meeting such inspiring people who find satisfaction and happiness through helping others. On the other hand I am livid and disgusted at some of the Muslim people within our own communities. Last weekend my family and I attended the Saaberie Chishty annual fundraising event. It was an absolutely well put together fun filled event for a very good purpose. However, during the cause of the week I received inbox messages stating, " Are you not a tableeghi? How can you attend the event of Bidatis. They not Muslims. They do not follow Islam properly."
Naturally, I did not respond to any of the messages out of sheer disgust. I have no time to waste by responding to ignorant fools.I mean, who are we to judge another human being. I am a Muslim. I am very proud of my culture and religion. My Islam is very simple. I follow the five pillars of my religion as best as I possibly can. My religion teaches me to assist anyone irrespective of race, colour or creed. I hate it when people use religion to divide people. These people who spread hatred and who claim to love the Prophet Muhammed (saw) are actually very very far in terms of his teachings towards humanity. The Prophet (saw) was kind and sincere even towards his enemies. To those of you who messaged me stating absolute rubbish, please do yourself a favour, instead of wasting your time and energy texting me, kindly refrain from messaging me at all.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Some food for thought

A few days ago at a pre wedding function I met a young couple that have a beautiful child who was born with a rare birth defect, microcephaly whereby the brain does not develop properly resulting in a smaller than normal head.Often people with the disorder have an intellectual disability, poor motor function, poor speech, abnormal facial features, seizures, and are short.This cute little child was 13 years old. She sat in her pram staring at the strange faces around her. She was totally helpless yet she was so content. My heart went out to her parents. They have so much of patience with her despite everyday being a constant struggle. Only they know the trials they are facing on a day to day basis. In the same gathering I met a young man who was wheelchair bound. His story broke my heart too. He was a bright student enrolled in a university. However, when his dad passed away he was forced to leave university and start working in order to provide for his family. One day whilst at work, he was shot on his spine during an armed robbery causing him to become paralyzed from his waist down. Can you imagine the trials his family and wife must have faced during this period. They were devastated. With God's grace though he has learnt to adapt to his new way of life. He is working and drives and hence he has become an inspiration to many others out there.... Last week whilst meeting with a community member who deals with the blind school in the area, I was heart sore after hearing 2 stories that were relayed to me. The first is of a young 24 year old woman who became a pharmacist. She loved her profession with a passion. After having a heart attack and 2 strokes recently resulting in a blood clot lodging itself near the optic nerve, she has lost total vision in both her eyes. She can not come to terms with her destiny. Whilst she has taken the bold step to enrol herself at the blind school she finds herself sobbing in one corner of the classroom. She finds a bit of comfort from a fellow student learning braille. He was also a professional person who was simply at the wrong place at the wrong time. During an armed robbery at a store, he was shot in the head causing him to become blind. He has however embraced his fate and chooses to live life one day at a time. I have come to the conclusion that each and everyone of us is going through some sort of trial or test in life. Some people may be having financial problems, others may be having marital problems..whilst others may be experiencing health issues or problems with their kids. If we sit back and analyse our own problems you will quickly realise that sometimes our own problems are miniscule in comparison to what other people out there are going through. God never ever burdens us with more than we can handle. Sometimes we face difficulties simply because God wants us to turn to Him for assistance and guidance. He wants us to be closer to Him. So before you start whining, feeling as though your whole world has come to an end, think about those people who are in far worse off situations than you. In every situation thank the Lord. Be happy and content in life. Always remember that even in a bad situation there is always some good that comes out of it......

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Muslims only in name, not in character

This picture was sent to me by a facebook acquaintance. I have no idea who I should be accrediting the picture to. By the way, I am a big fan of both gentlemen :)The title of the post is in NO WAY affiliated to the picture above.....

So this morning I woke up to an inbox message that was sent to me by a young Muslim girl asking me if I by any chance know the guy standing next to the maestro Rahat Fateh Ali Khan? I replied to her stating that whilst I do not know him personally, I do know him. He is a UK based boxer by the name of Amir Khan. He is married to a gorgeous Pakistani American girl and if I'm not mistaken he was recently in the Tabloids for supposedly having an affair. Well, to cut a long story short, this girl has been chatting to someone on facebook who utilizes Amir Khan's pictures and pretends that it is actually his own photos. It seemed to me that this poor girl was smitten by this person based on the boxer's attractive photos.

Then when I got to work, I heard about an even more bizarre story whereby an entire family was involved in duping a girl into marriage for the sake of her wealth. The girl, being an only daughter is now the owner of her dads company. Through her dads business associate the girl was introduced to a boy who claimed to be an electrical engineer. Both families met and the formalities were completed only to find out later that the boy never completed his schooling and neither does he work. The parents executed the scheme so well, that they hired people to pretend to be his work colleagues from so and so company. After the marriage all hell broke loose. The truth emerged and naturally the girl was devastated. She never told her family initially but after realizing that she is the only one in the home earning a fantastic salary that is now used to support her in laws she decided to seek help from her family. The sad part about this whole story is that the neighbours and the boys immediate family knew about the boys bad reputation. Apart from not working, he was also involved with duping people into financial schemes. He would take peoples money and disappear. No one came forward to warn the girl and her family. After a few weeks she obviously went back to her parents home and filed for a divorce. In her own words she mentioned to me that she will never ever trust another Muslim boy again. She is too terrified to get married again. She has opted to focus on her career and her business as such. Her story seemed to be straight out of a movie, yet this is the stark reality of what is happening within our Muslim communities.

A few days ago, I heard a few horrific stories that blew my mind away. The first is of young girl who traveled to SA from a neighbouring African country in search of work. She left her country as the man she married was abusive. Whilst he was powerful and rich he was mean towards her. When she fell pregnant he forced her to have an abortion and then he disappeared...She related her story to me with sadness and yet there was a sparkle of hope in her eyes for a better future.... I then heard about a group of Muslim men from a neighbouring country who claim to be part of a charity organization and dupe people into donating money for boreholes etc. The money is not given towards charity. It is pocketed for themselves.

The saddest story of them all is about a strong willed woman who gave birth to three beautiful daughters. Her husband was so angry that he had no sons and hence he showed no love or respect towards his daughters. He never cared for them. This lady decided to divorce her husband and she moved away to South Africa in order to give her kids a better future. Today with the grace of God Almighty her daughters are all grown up..educated and independent..It is shocking that in this day and age there are Muslims out there who are so ignorant. The prophet (saw) abolished female infanticide. He liberated women and afforded women their rights. He encouraged women to seek knowledge.....Praying etc is a part of Islam...Obeying God's commands is on one scale and being good to humanity is on the other scale. Being able to strike a balance between these two entities determines the goodness of a human being. Sadly there are people out there who act as though they are holier than though. Their day is spent in preaching from morning to night.. yet they are wicked and unkind towards humanity.. A person who is pious should be kinder..softer... more humble. Yet very often I come across people who act all holy....yet they are abrupt... rude.. they lack softness.. they are unapproachable.they don't smile.. they walk with an attitude of authority.they feel as though they are superior and above the rest. This is not Islam in my opinion.. Then I have come across those people whom God has guided towards goodness.These individuals start judging others forgetting about their own past histories..Wearing an abaya and headscarf does not make you a good human being. Neither does wearing a thobe or praying five times a day. It's all about the heart and what lies within.