Thursday, July 17, 2014

Inciting hate and violence is not the way of a Muslim

So last night I got unfriended by a well known member of society for commenting on a status that I thought was absolutely ridiculous. The status said that the next time you walk past a Jewish store in Sandton and at ORTIA, you should scream out loud " Heil Hitler" How can any Muslim person on a public platform utter such nonsense and incite hate and animosity between people.Take note that whilst this person is calling out for Muslims in this country to behave like a bunch of idiots, this same person is well connected in Saudi Arabia. The question I posted was this," Why are you not gunning down the Saudi regime for they are the biggest supporters of Zionism being the strongest ally to the USA. Why haven't you called for the Arab nations to send in their troops into Gaza to defend the Palestinians." The person got offended and unfriended me. See the worry in my eyes.

Alhamdulilla here in South Africa we have religious tolerance. We allowed to practice our religions freely. What will you achieve by calling on the public to behave like hooligans. What is happening in Palestine is wrong and unacceptable, but it is equally wrong to display appalling behaviour towards another nation. The Prophet (saw) displayed exemplary behaviour in front of his enemies. You do not win a nation over by hate and slander. You win a nation over by intellect and knowledge. By displaying good character based on the sunnah. I have said this before and I will say it again Muslims will never achieve victory unless we sincerely follow the ways of the Quraan and the sunnah.

Sheikh Abu Muawiya Ismail Kamdar acknowledges this point quite correctly based on the verses of the Quraan.

Theme of Juz Eighteen – The True Believers

The 18th Juz begins with Surah Al-Muminoon, a Makkan Surah detailing the qualities of a true believer. It then shifts to a Madinan Surah, Surah An-Noor which focusing on the laws related to morality, chastity and its link to true faith, and the Juz ends in the middle of Surah Al-Furqaan, a Makkan Surah which focuses on the correct beliefs and ends with the qualities of the true servant of Allah.

In Islam, claiming that you have a pure heart and that you believe is not enough. True faith is coupled with righteous deeds and these lead to victory for the ummah. The current state of the ummah is primarily a result of our lack of morality and righteousness.

In Surah An-Noor, after listing all these important rules and qualities, Allah has promised the following:

“Allah promises those among you who truly believe and do righteous deeds that He will make them the successors (Caliphs) of the earth, like how He made those before them successors (Caliphs), and He will establish for them the religion which they are pleased with, and He will change their state, after one of fear, into one of safety. So worship Me, do not ascribe anyone as partners to Me! And whoever disbelieves after this, they are truly rebellious,” (24:55)

The promise of Allah is true, and this is the only road to victory for the ummah, a return to true faith and its practice.

Surah Al-Muminoon lists the following qualities for the true believers: (23:1-9)
1. Concentration in their Salah
2. Abstaining from things that waste their time
3. Fulfilling their Zakah and social responsibilities
4. Guarding their chastity and honour through marriage
5. Fulfilling their trusts and promises
6. Praying all five Salahs on time properly

Surah An-Noor discusses the following important laws of Islam, the fulfilment of which are necessary for the ummah to attain victory:
1. Avoiding all forms of immorality, be it fornication, adultery or anything that leads to these sins
2. Guarding the honour of others by abstaining from gossip and slander
3. Lowering the gaze and observing the Hijab
4. Observing the etiquettes of privacy in Islam, within one’s own home and when dealing with the homes and lives of others

Surah Al-Furqaan lists the following qualities of the true servants of Ar-Rahmaan: (25:63-76 – 19th Juz)
1. Avoid disputes and maintaining a peaceful demeanour
2. Making Qiyam Al-Layl a habit and a means of connecting with Allah
3. Thinking about the Afterlife and asking for protection from the Hellfire
4. Spending in the way of Allah with moderation
5. Avoid the major sins (Shirk, Zina and Murder) and repenting if already committed in the past
6. Avoiding things that waste one’s time
7. Heeding the reminders of Allah and the message of the Qur’an
8. Praying for the guidance of our families and working towards it

We complain so often about the state of the ummah, but let us introspect and be honest about how many of the above qualities describe who we really are. It is no coincidence that the ummah is in its current state of weakness and fear, at a time when the majority of Muslims have no interest in observing the laws of Allah. Change starts with us, in our own lives and our own homes and it grows from there.

The theme of this Juz is simple: victory and Caliphate will only be given to a generation of true believers and these are the qualities that a true believer needs in order to earn the Help of Allah.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Respect the Jews. Denounce Zionism

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It makes me sick to my stomach knowing that there are Muslims out there who actually believe that Hitler was right in butchering six million Jews during the Holocaust. No one has the right to murder or take away someone else's life intentionally unless the person is proven to be a criminal in the court of law. What Hitler did was a a disgrace to humanity. If Muslims think in this manner what differentiates us from these Zionist Jews. The issue in Palestine is not Judaism, it is Zionism. You need to remember that not all Jews are Zionists. The Prophet Muhammed (saw) had the highest level of respect towards Jews and Christians in Medina. Here are a few examples:

Ibn Abu Laila reported: Sahl ibn Hunaif and Qais ibn Sa’d ibn Ubaidah were in Al-Qadisiyyah when a funeral passed by them, so they stood up and it was said to them, “It is one of the local people.” They both said: A funeral passed by the Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, and he stood up. It was said to him, “It is a Jew.” The Prophet said, “Was he not a soul?”
Source: Sahih Bukhari 1250, Sahih Muslim 961

"Upon learning of the sickness of his Jewish neighbor, Prophet Muhammad (p) paid him a visit. During the visit the Prophet asked the young man to accept Islam. The young man looked at his father for a permission. The father assented and the young man accepted Islam. (see Sahih Bukhari, Tradition Number 1356)."

"One of the spectacular examples of the Prophetic respect and honor of other religions, especially Christianity, is when Prophet Muhammad allowed Christians to pray in his own mosque according to the Christian way of praying. This took place when a delegation of the Christians from Najran visited Madinah. The delegation was composed of 60 individuals headed by a bishop, Abu Haritha ibn Alqamah, who was an authority on Christianity and well-respected by the Byzantine Emperor. Their discussion with the Prophet continued and their prayer time came. Some Muslims, out of ignorance, objected to them praying in the mosque. But Prophet Muhammad permitted them to pray and he even hosted them in his mosque."

"The Prophet strengthened his relations with Jews by marrying a noble Jewish woman, Safiyyah who became the mother of the believers. The Jews of Madinah were involved in all the battles against Muslims, directly or indirectly, and secretly or openly. After this marriage, the Jews desisted from fighting against Muslims. As such, the Prophet continually sought ways to maintain peace and good relations with the Jews. The Prophet also permitted Muslims to marry Christian and Jewish women. The teachings of the Prophet instilled in Muslims the notion that they should treat Christians and Jews well and to maintain good relations with them."

In conclusion, "the Muslims and Jews co-existed in harmony during the rise of Islam and beyond. Islam is a friendly religion to all "It was Muslim Spain, the only land the Jew knew in nearly a thousand years of the diaspora, which made the genius of physician Moses Maimonides possible." Acceptance and virtue are indivisible parts of the Muslim's faith. "The Jews of Banu 'Awf are one nation with the Muslims; the Jews have their religion and the Muslims have theirs". These principles and historical events should create the foundation for better relations and more peaceful future for both Jewish and Muslim Communities."

If the Muslims of this world wish to attain victory there is only one way of doing this. We need to go back to the teachings of the Quraan and the sunnah of the Prophet Muhammed (saw). We need to revive the Sunnah in our homes. We are a bunch of hypocrites crying crocodile tears for Palestine when we follow the Zionists of this world by wearing branded clothing and trying to imitate our favourite television stars like the Kardashians. We listen to music that glorifies Satan. We do everything opposite to the teachings of God and then we expect to attain victory. Hell no. God is no fool. If you worship Him with conviction and you respects His commands He will grant you victory undoubtedly. Until then, it just ain't gonna happen.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Shattered Soul

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She was a product of rape. She had an unstable abusive childhood and then she fell in love with a man from an internet dating site. He was 5 years older than her and every single day they would skype each other. She was always against a long distance relationship but after chatting to someone for two years almost everyday you are bound to fall in love. She wanted more. She wanted stability. She decided to catch a flight and made her way to Dubai. Naturally she was over the moon. She met the man of her dreams. But after a week her dreams were shattered and reality set in. The handsome Emirati gentleman she fell in love with was actually a married man. He wanted her to be his mistress only. Along the way she discovered that he was having affairs with a number of local women as well.Saddened with grief she returned to South Africa. She started reflecting on all the hurt and pain she experienced from childhood. For a while she was healing. She was looking forward to starting afresh. This lovely woman happens to be one of our patients and she has been through so much that she refuses to be with anyone. She warns young women out there to be careful with who they associate with over the internet. There are many men on dating sites who only want to be with a woman for sexual favours. It is a known fact that most Arab men are not faithful and sincere when it comes to relationships. Arabs in general can not be trusted. During my stay in the Kingdom I have witnessed the most horrific situations. I knew of foreign women who were abused by their Saudi husbands. Most of them didn't even have access to their passports thereby making it really difficult for the woman to leave the country. The husband on the other hand would have girlfriends in Morocco, Italy and Spain.The one thing I noticed about Arab men is this, they consider their own women as superior to women from other nationalities. They expect their own mothers and sisters to be treated with love, respect and kindness but its perfectly fine to fool around with a foreign woman.They don't realize that this woman is also someone else's sister, daughter, cousin , niece etc..If you are thinking of marrying a foreign man, please make hundred percent sure that you know the person inside out. Get information about the persons family history etc. Visit their country. Go to the police station and get a report about the family. Don't be fooled by a man's good looks.Meet the man's family and friends. Meet his employers and work colleagues. If he doesn't allow you to meet his family, be sure that the man is a liar. He is simply using you.Love is blind... but waiting for a man to love you sincerely and be faithful to you for thy kingdom come is like waiting for a train to pick you up at a petrol station. It just aint gonna happen. Instead of hurting yourself, move on in life and wait for the person that God has written out for you.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Ramadhaan Kareem 2014

I would like to take this opportunity in wishing all my friends and family across the globe a wonderful Ramadhaan Kareem!!!May the Almighty accept your fast and prayers during this blessed month and may it also be a time for reflecting on our inner selves.Let this month be a month where we can all achieve and attain high levels of spirituality. Let this be a month of sharing, giving and a start towards bettering ourselves in every way. Let us all try making a concerted effort towards doing good, helping others and staying away from all activities that goes against Gods will.!!!I dedicate this nasheed to all my Muslim readers. Kindly remember my family and I in your prayers!!!!

Monday, June 9, 2014

Ramadhaan South African Style.


So the blessed month of Ramadhaan is just a stone’s throw away and whilst many in the Arab world would be rejoicing and waiting anxiously for the month of the Quraan to set in, South African aunties are in panic mode making one savoury after the other, literally stocking up the freezer to feed an entire army. But what really fascinates me the most is the huge transformation of South African Muslims during the fasting month. Even the bushcrooks turn into
For a start the television is turned off in every home for the entire duration of the month. Abaya shops are shockingly busy. Even Tassy and Naz who are frequent club goers have joined in the whole spirit of Ramadhaan. On every other day, they parade the shopping centres wearing boob popping tops coupled with a mini skirt and high heels. But for the month of Ramadhaan out comes the Swarovski bejewelled abayas with matching headscarves. No more pouty red lips, false nails and fake eye lashes lol. The neighbourhood suddenly comes to life once again as the neighbours kids quite excitedly visits your home to drop off a platter of savouries. Who’s son are you poppy? I haven’t seen your mummy and daddy the whole year....
Zaks who usually sports a funky hair cut and tries to emulate his favourite soccer star has suddenly grown a tiny beard. The funky branded clothing he usually wears has suddenly been replaced by a designer label thobe. Zaks makes sure he is in the first saf in the masjid at the time of fatoor.
For the entire fasting month, everyone tries their best to be perfect in every single way, until the day of Eid. Tassy, Naz and Zaks get into their luxury vehicles and make their way to the zoo lake to show off their new designer label outfits. Both ladies visited the dress designer three times to get the perfect fit they so desired. Tassy sports a sleeveless long dress with high slits whilst Naz wears a boob tube outfit. I guess if you have the assets why not flaunt it right lol....And whilst Tassy and Naz try to attract the singletons in the crowd, Zaks is trying to impress a young 17 year old lassie, Lemme show you how to groove baby at the club on Saturday night. You so hot, you make the sun feel shy.”

Meanwhile in the magical Kingdom Ramadhaan is special, a feeling that I will never ever be able to explain to anyone. Ramadhaan in the Kingdom is all about family. The entire country is on vacation and whilst everyone relaxes during the day after sunset at the time of breaking fast, the country comes to life. If you in the holy city of Makkah and Medina you will break your fast with millions of people simultaneously. Young Arab children will pull your hand and beg you to join their family for fatoor. There is a spirit of sharing, caring and giving. You become so overwhelmed with joy that tears automatically flow down your cheeks. Ramadhaan in the Kingdom is fun. There is an equal balance between prayer and engaging in fun activities with family and friends. How I long to be in the land of shifting sands for the month of Ramadhaan. But I guess this year I just have to contend with Ramadhaan South African style!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Bold and beautiful is now a reality

I thought weird relationships and strange stories only occurred in the movies, but I was shocked at the weird real life stories that are occurring in our own back yard. Had a patient a few weeks ago who totally blew my mind away with his story. He was married to a foreign national for a number of years and was oblivious to the fact that his wife was in actual fact a real life prostitute. He only found out when a friend of his showed him obscene pictures of her floating on the internet. He always thought that his wife was a high flying business woman involved in the import and export business field. Hence she was always loaded with lots of money. The reality though was quite shocking as she turned out to be a high end escort and prostitute accompanying high flying South African businessmen. When he approached his wife with the evidence, she committed suicide. A few years later the man decided to remarry. Whilst he enjoyed a few years of marital bliss he was shocked to discover when his wife fell pregnant that she is in fact HIV positive. He then realized that he had infected his wife and that his first wife had infected him. Luckily with extensive ARV treatment the child was born HIV negative.......... Here's another shocking story, it seems that Muslim socialites residing in the Houghton and Sandton areas are not shy to play the wife swapping and husband swapping game, and let's not forget Laudium men meeting up with bored socialite Houghton and Sandton women in Rosebank hotel rooms. Yes folks, this is the life of the rich and famous within the Muslim community. A patient of ours divorced her husband as he wanted her to join a wife swapping club and also expected her to wear skimpy clothing and visit clubs on a Saturday night which was totally against her principles as a Muslim woman. To add insult to injury she also found out that her daughter in law was chatting up men on various chat sites on the internet. One day she decided to follow her daughter in law who made her way to a Rosebank hotel. There she discovered that the daughter in law was actually chatting up her husband (father in law) who created a fake profile on an internet chat site. Can you imagine the expression on their faces when they met each other. Such disgusting behaviour on the part of the daughter in law and the father in law. A father in law should be an authority of the home, the head of the family and a daughter in law should be concerned about her husband and her family. I guess that is the result of being a bored housewife... After all an idol mind is a devils workshop..I am not a club person at all and I honestly believe that a club is the devil's playground. Men and women dressed in skimpy clothing with loud vulgar music and alcohol flowing is not my idea of fun but with more and more Muslim men and women frequenting such places, it is a clear indication that the Luciferian regime with its head quarters in Hollywood is winning the cause of brainwashing our young people and steering them away from religion and pushing them towards self destruction. I wonder how many of you actually know about Hollywood celebrities and their rise to fame. How many of you know about MK Ultra mind control programming. Hollywood celebrities don't just rise to fame. They were groomed through programming techniques from kids. They have sold their souls to the devil in return for name and fame. Hollywood songs and music all have underline dark themed subliminal messages promoting satanism and of course sex is the main theme. Why sex.... Because sex magic rituals is very much a part of satanism. Our magazines are riddled with subliminal messages that the common man will fail to see. We all get carried away by the beautiful woman on the cover of a magazine wearing skimpy clothing and we all wanna be like her.. The truth is, all those images that we see is air brushed.Wearing mini skirts with bums and boobs hanging out is so cool. Right... Wrong.. Its cheap and trashy. No woman of class and elegance would actually dress that way. I have met many celebs in real life and most of them are actually ugly in reality. Lighting and make up is the trick to beauty. They create an illusion of beauty to the masses who in turn start revering a human being as their God instead of worshiping and revering God Almighty. It is so sad to see millions of people just existing without actually seeing the real world, without really understanding why is the world the way it is...

Friday, April 25, 2014

Band SANAM rocks India

A few weeks ago, Ben Kurian Thomas, a friend of mine who manages the work of many celebrities in Mumbai sent me a clip of the song Ishq Bulaava from the Bollywood movie Hasee Toh Phasee. The song is sung by Sanam Puri from the band SANAM. When I heard the song for the very first time I was captivated by Sanam's beautiful, melodious voice. Naturally, I started following the work of the band and I am pretty sure that they are going to reach a level of super stardom soon. The band has composed a song for the upcoming movie "The Amazing Spiderman- 2" and are well on their way to making a mark in the very competitive music industry in India.I managed to catch up with Samar Puri, a band member and also Sanam's brother.He quite happily agreed to be interviewed by me.
Read on to find out more in his own words.

1. Firstly Samar, thank you so much for taking the time out to be interviewed by me. I am curious to know, who is Sanam and Samar Puri? Tell me a little about your family background and life from childhood until present? Elaborate further on the other band members
As you know, Sanam and I are real brothers, Sanam is the younger one and we have this spiritual connection. :)
We are a Punjabi family.Sanam, Mummy, Papa and I have been together through thick and thin.
One thing I wanna tell you is that we have shifted house a hundred times.. haha. I was born in Muscat and then shifted to Delhi where Sanam was born.  Then Dehradun, Delhi, Noida, Back to Muscat, Delhi and then finally Mumbai. Phew.. We have been changing houses almost every year. We love animals, and have 2 doggies, Cleo & Kai (They are like my kids) :)
Venky S, Who was my batch-mate in Indian School Muscat (Muscat) when we were 15, formed our first band together called 'Distorted' Hahaha.. He used to play rhythm Guitar that time. Musically I've learned a lot from him. After schooling he went to chennai where he met Keshav and they had a band called 'The previous band'. Then Venky went to Bangalore where his family is. He is an amazing jazz/swing singer started doing shows.
Keshav had moved to work with Furtados in Mumbai as brand Manager of Pearl Drums. He was looking for some people he can make music with and we were looking for a drummer. Venky told us about him and it clicked. Thats how the band was formed. Venky used to travel from Bangalore for rehearsals and shows.
2. Do you belong to a musically inclined family? Did you and your brother go for music and singing classes or did it just happen naturally?
We don't belong to a musically inclined family but our papa is an amazing powerful singer but never took it professionally. We took classes when we were young but don't remember anything as we were very small at that time. After that we did everything on our own. Learned from our own experiences and personally we believe in learning on our own. :)
3. How did the band "SANAM" come together?
 As I told you Sanam and I were looking for a drummer in 2009. Venky helped us meet Keshav and then Venky also joined us after we won this Times Music Nationwide Pop band hunt contest called "Supastars'. Around 1,400 bands took part and we bagged the coveted title and had a 3 year contract. After that we changed our name to 'SQS Project' and met Ben Thomas and things got much much better. Many fans asked us what 'SQS Project' stands for and it was a pain to explain. So we decided to change it to 'SANAM' as its a Hindi word that means 'Beloved' or 'Lover', one word, easy to understand and connects with the audience. 
4. What inspired you to be a part of the music industry?
I want to change things for the better & make people happy and do it through music.
5. If you could be granted one wish and have any skill or talent in the world, what would it be?
I have it. Just need to keep learning and get better everyday.
6.  What are your favourite websites? for gaming (Best gaming website in India)
Facebook obviously
Then where I check movie, music and game reviews and stuff.
I like watching movies so i check
I love watching this Japanese Anime called 'ONE PIECE' on
7. I am sure that the female fans are going gaga over you and Sanam...You guys look like twins and are of course good looking. So any plans on the marriage front? Do you have a girlfriend? Does Sanam have a girlfriend?
Marriage.. Its too early to think about it.
Both Sanam and I are single :)
8.  Where do you see the band five years from now? What are your plans for the future?
Our plan is to keep making/writing songs. I believe what we do now becomes the future. We'll just keep working.
9. Define success... What does it mean to you?
If I'm happy, I'm successful. No matter what, always smile. :)
10. How many times a week does the band meet up for practice? How do you train? Does the band have a teacher for guidance?
It depends, We try to rehearse whenever we can. Yes we have a teacher, His name is Ben Thomas (our manager). He's actually more like a friend / brother / father. :)
11. What has been the bands most memorable performance thus far?
Our First show at VJTI college, Mumbai when the crowd was singing our own songs. Nothing can beat that feeling. That day will always be special for Sanam, Venky,Keshav and I.
12. What advise would you give to young aspiring musicians out there?
Keep learning, Never give up. If you're good and your dreams high, Nothing can stop you!

Thank you Samar for taking the time to answer these questions. Desert Moon wishes you all the best in your future endeavours!!! This is definitely one of the most inspiring interviews that I have ever done. I am so honoured and proud to have interviewed a band that is all set and ready to make an impact globally. Thank you for giving me this opportunity.

Check out the band's latest song they composed for the movie " The Amazing Spider-Man 2"

Some of their other hit songs include "Ishq Bulaava" and " Teri Aankhon se"