Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Boob smackers or Eye flirters

"Phew.....Saudi women are dangerous" he muttered to himself whilst making his way through the main entrance of the pharmacy. Mr. H is a tall, broad shouldered man with an extremely high level of intelligence. He also happened to be my witty colleague and partner in crime during our night shift duty at the hospital.

" Excuse me, why do you think that Saudi women are dangerous.Any woman can be a femme fatale if she wishes to be one." I remarked.
' Well, I just got sandwiched in between two boob smackers in the lift" He continued with a huge grin on his face. According to Mr. H Saudi women can be divided into four categories:

1. Category one: The Ultra conservative Saudi woman.

This is a Saudi woman that is fully covered from head to toe in a huge over sized jilbaab. Gloves and socks usually complete the attire. In many instances the eyes are also not fully exposed....The woman would most probably be married to an extremely religious man as well.

2. Category two: The Boob/ Ass smackers

These are usually voluptuous full figured Saudi women adorned in tight fitting abayas naturally exposing all the curves... These women prefer to walk with their bosoms out to tempt desperate Saudi men or let's just say men in general.

3. Category three: The eye flirters

These are women who are adorned in abayas with a face veil but make sure that they leave theirs home with elaborate, striking eye make up. These women painstakingly go to great lengths to make sure that their eyes look super sexy and gorgeous with eye shadow, eye liner,fake eye lashes and of course coloured contact lenses . Some of these women call in a professional make up artist to their homes even on a normal week day prior to going out shopping at a mall or frequenting a restaurant with friends. I guess its a case of ' let the eyes do the talking'

4. Category four: The frustrated young housewife

This is usually a Saudi woman who is in a polygamous relationship and thus shares her husband with two or three other women.She is also most probably the newest addition to hubby's collection of wives lol. She is smart and trendy and makes sure that her wealthy hubby spoils her with designer wear. Since she hardly spends much time with mister, she chooses to look for fun else where, a case of " when the cats away the mice will play." This type of woman will be out frequenting hotels, coffee shops,hospitals and malls trying to seek pleasure and satisfaction from a young Saudi male who is more or less in the same age category as her.

Well, there you have it folks; a non- Saudi male's perception of Saudi women. I must admit I was laughing myself into stitches as he babbled along jovially trying to explain each category to me...
Oh well, working with such fun individuals always made the night shift a less painful experience. As the saying goes, ' Time flies when you're having fun.'

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