Thursday, June 6, 2013

Black Magic, Sorcery and Peer Babas

Have you ever come across this type of advertisement whilst browsing through television channels?" Are you having marital problems, are you divorced, do you want your lover back, did the doctor say you can't have children. Do not despair. Peer Baba Haji saheb blah blah blah will resolve all your issues within twenty four hours. Contact so and so on so and so telephone number." Whilst I do not believe in such hocus pocus nonsense I know for a fact that there are many people including members of my own society that firmly believe in these peer babas who they pay large sums of money to in order to supposedly extract information they require or carry out a wish that they desire. In Islam, fortune telling, sorcery and black magic goes against the principles of religion and hence very often within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia you would come across news of women being sentenced to a number of years in prison for practicing black magic.
Moroccan maids are beautiful but they are also noted for sorcery and black magic according to Saudi women.Hence, some time back , Saudi women were up in arms about the Ministry of the Interior allowing Moroccan maids into the Kingdom. There could be some truth in the tale as a close Saudi friend of mine told me that her mom found talismans, nails and strands of hair in their Moroccan maids bedroom. When questioned about these items, she revealed that the hair and nails belonged to the eldest son of the house who is still a bachelor. She was hoping to entice him and make him her husband. Whilst the family decided not to lay any charge against her, she was of course asked to leave.Many people in the western world do not believe in 'sihar' or black magic and hence when the Saudi newspapers print a story of people punished for practicing these dirty activities, the news is of course mocked and laughed at. Personally, I have seen the effects of sihar and black magic and its not a pleasant thing at all. It is absolutely shocking to see a healthy individual suddenly become so ill and yet medical reports will conclude that the person is well and healthy. I believe that people who engage in such activities are evil and hence they deserve the sentences and punishments meted out to them. Away from Saudi Arabia and moving closer to home, I heard the story of a woman whose husband decided to marry another lady that he worked with. The first wife could not handle the situation and hence she resorted to am Egyptian soothsayer residing within the Johannesburg region. After paying the man a large sum of money at his house and carrying out a few rituals,the lady was asked to cut two chickens in a certain way immediately when she arrived at her home. According to the soothsayer, the husband will leave the second woman within a day after the chicken sacrifice was done. Needless to say, the spell backfired and the husband became closer to his second wife, even giving her a child by the following year. This was bound to happen as it is not mankind who is in control of this universe. It is God Almighty. If you turn away from Him and seek assistance from a human being that He created, He will not assist you, but if you have full faith and full conviction in your heart that My Lord is with me and He will assist me and that whatever He has written out for me is the best for me, you will find that your life becomes filled with happiness and contentment. The reason I am writing about this is because I am disturbed over an inbox message and conversation I had with a facebook friend. I also happen to know this person from way back in my past during my schooling years. We never chatted or interacted before. So the facebook message was pretty much the first time we conversed.I can not believe that anyone would choose to explore the path of fortune telling considering that this person is from a good practicing Muslim home. What surprised me about out conversation was the fact, that this individual started mentioning things to me that was really personal. Small details that no one else other than my immediate family would know of. As the conversation ensued further, I was told that he would collect every post from my blog and store it on his computer. He became addicted to my stories and would log on every single day to read what I had to say. He enjoyed reading my posts. He then decided to tell his Peer or Sheikh about me and also asked his Sheikh to tell him more about me on a personal level. They apparently met at a cemetery at midnight where the spirits apparently told the Sheikh all about my activities whilst in the Kingdom. He gave me bits and pieces of information and when I asked to know more I was told to transfer money into baba's banking account and then all will be revealed. Over my dead body am I going to pay anyone to reveal my own life story to me. I was then told that a tokoloshe will be sent to me and that " remember, I know what you did last summer." Total rubbish. I am not afraid of anyone except my Lord, Master of the universe and the King of Kings. The fact that this person is so obsessed with his Sheikh is actually very scary. He supposedly trusts his sheikh with his own life. To me this is moving away from the fold of Islam. We all commit mistakes, we do wrong.. we are human... But we still pray and we still look for guidance from our Creator. But believing in some Sheikh who communicates with the jinn is just ridiculous. As Muslims we should be believing in the concept of the Jinn and also we should believe that sorcery and black magic does exist as explained in the Quraan, but chatting to spirits to find out about someone else's life is just downright absurd. To this person I just want to say that I hope God Almighty guides you towards the straight path. If you wanted to know things about my life, you could have just asked, but snooping into my life in this manner makes me feel violated. You have meddled into my private affairs without me even knowing. If you wish to remain in the fold of Islam, I urge you to stay away from such Sheikhs and Peers. They work with deception. They will tell you a few truths and the rest of it is lies. They do this to create rifts and to break up relationships. This is all mentioned in the Quraan. Rather direct your energy towards having firm faith and conviction in God Almighty alone. To Him do we belong and to Him do we return.On a lighter note, may be he did send the tokoloshe to me as I had two hard falls last week causing bruising to both my legs. Were they giving me a warning? Perhaps they were or perhaps I am in store for even weirder activities..So if I start behaving weirdly or start writing absolute crap, you now know the reason why...Don't blame me, blame the Peer baba.....


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