Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The official opening of the Seven Seas Signature Spa

This post should have been written a few days ago but my life at present is like a roller coaster ride. I am totally focused on getting our family pharmacy up and running.Hence at present I'm playing building contractor, HR manager, Stock controller along with getting through one meeting after another and in between all of this I'm still trying my best to blog and share my life events with all my blog readers.

The Seven Seas Signature Spa officially opened on the 12th of October 2013. The opening of the spa coincided with a weekend souq at the Image Lifestyle  Wedding and Conference Venue that attracted many people from far and wide. Channel Islam International was also broadcasting live from the event. The highlight of the event was undoubtedly meeting and interacting with the world famous Waahid nasheed group. Catch my exclusive interview with the group in my next post hopefully. To commemorate the opening of the spa a program was put together that included talks by various dermatological and cosmetic companies along with a fashion show. The Waahid nasheed group was roped in to entertain the crowd and my word, they performed spectacularly. Whilst the women gathered inside the conference centre for the formalities,  the dad's had an opportunity to spend quality time with the kids outside and also browse around the various stalls. My family and I got to conference centre a few hours before the official opening ceremony so that we could take a walk around the stalls. I was particularly impressed with the ice cream and cake pin cushions that were on sale along with the photography stall that specialized in magazine type picture albums. I definitely want to create a magazine family album in the future as a rememberance. Other items on sale included the usual abayas and scarves along with household accessories. I could n't believe that not one store catered for shoes when I desperately needed a pair. lol. One section of the venue was dedicated to weddings and functions where guests had an opportunity to view different table setting arrangements in line with the latest trends and fashion.Hats off to Unusual Functions for the stunning table decor. The food at Salma's food stall was absolutely delicious. Every single dish from the biryani to the kebaab and roti as well as the chicken tikka and steak burger was spiced to perfection. Well done aunty Salma for taking care of our tummies and satisfying our taste buds. I was pleasantly surprised to have met and interacted with many facebook friends who instantly recognized me. I always seem to get the same line though," OMG you look just like your facebook picture"..lol...Yes it is me ...How else am I suppose to look..,.lolol. After lunch, mom and I made our way inside the venue for the much anticipated opening ceremony program. The master of ceremonies for the afternoon was Dr. Bhabha from Beauty and Curves located in Bedfordview. I must say though that she really had a tough time being an MC considering that the hall was packed with women chit chatting at the top of their voices. As is customary in Islamic culture, the function commenced with a recitation of the Holy Quraan by Hafez Zunaid Saloojee. Thereafter there were talks presented by various dermatological companies about their range of skin care products. I personally found the talks too detailed and in depth for a Saturday afternoon. The talk that captivated me was undoubtedly by make up artist Jose de Silva. His bold style coupled with his foreign accent and gentleman like demeanour definitely caught the attention of the female crowd.."My darlings, please make sure you wash your hair four times a week..My darlings you must pamper yourself to a manicure and pedicure. My darlings you must do facials more often to give 
yourself a more youthful look.....my darlings....my darlings.....my darlings..he continued."
In between the talks, the audience had a chance to view garments from world renowned fashion houses. Models strutted their stuff on the ramp in hideous looking shoes to the tunes of famous Arabic singers like Amir Diab and Nancy Ajram. Two of the models almost took a tumble..... I  was particularly impressed with the Moda Lounge range of clothing as well as the elegant evening dresses from Dockrats clothing store in Fordsburg and Lenasia. The range of clothing by the Benoni based designer Naseema was elegant and flowing with the exception that all the designs looked similar making it a boring lacklustre range in totality. Considering that 95 percent of the audience was predominantly Muslim, I was quite disappointed with the holiday range of clothing as well as the wedding gowns. I don't think a Muslim woman would be walking down the aisle in a boob tube or parading the streets of Rome in a mini skirt. Design houses should have come up with more innovative styles to suit the needs of a modern Muslim woman. You can wear hijaab and still look chic and elegant. A woman who dresses modestly can be as sexy as a woman in a mini skirt. Guests also had an opportunity of winning prizes, such as free hair care products or a free massage treatment etc etc. The women were going crazy to collect their prizes. After all the talking and the fashion show, guests were treated to a light snack meal. The tables were laid out beautifully. I have no words to describe the sheer perfection of each and every platter on the table. The pictures speak volumes for themselves. The only disappointing bit is that mom and I did not get one snack to nibble on as Indians do not know the difference between a snack and a meal. Women greedily filled up their plates to the brim as though food was running out of fashion. Within minutes everything was swiped. I could n't believe that women from so called elite high class homes behaved in this manner.I guess its a case of " we don't eat such tasty food in our own homes so lets gobble it all up or its free chows, quick let's devour it all up and save a few pennies." lololol..I guess that's how the rich get richer!!

If you wish to view more pictures of the event simply click on the link below:

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