Friday, December 13, 2013

Where have I disappeared to?

So recently I have been inundated with numerous inbox messages enquiring about my blog and why I haven't been updating the blog regularly as I was doing in the past. The answer is quite simple...BUSINESS... Medix Pharmacy is just one month old and as a team we have lots of ideas that we still wish to implement in order to provide state of the art health care to all our patients. Running a business is definitely not for the faint hearted but it is quite inspiring and encouraging when we get patients complimenting us on our excellent service delivery and also when we have opposition pharmacies snooping by to have a look at our pharmacy lay out. 
At Medix Pharmacy we do not aim to be like a big chain store pharmacy. Our aim is to provide one on one interpersonal patient care. In the last month, the pharmacy has also turned into a social welfare centre where community members have asked us to assist them with various domestic related issues, such as alcoholism and drugs. We have dealt with teenage pregnancies as well as one assault case. What really broke our hearts was the fact that when the victim went to a private hospital she was not attended to simply because she is poor and can not afford medical aid. 
Last Saturday the pharmacy hosted a wellness day whereby patients were encouraged to pass by the pharmacy for a free blood pressure, cholesterol, as well as blood sugar screening. We are quite proud to announce that more than 120 patients were screened and we came across five patients that were positively diagnosed as having diabetes. We would like to thank the Florida community for their love and support and we will continue to have health related events outside the pharmacy on a monthly basis. The aim is to bring reasonable and affordable health care to all members of the community. Our team at Medix pharmacy is dedicated to serving the community. Stay tuned for our upcoming drug awareness workshop that will be hosted in the new year. In order for us to have these type of events regularly, we urge the community at large to come out in full force to support such events so that it makes it worth while for us to host such events.


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